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I am a open minded person who belives in happiness and love and enjoying each day as it comes.

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Kenmare, United States

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Age: 43


Seeking: female


Intentions: See what Happens


Personality: Adventurous

I am a fun and energetic persons who enjoys outdoors and appreciate spending my time with honest and sincere people who have very good communication skills as i am a dedicated listener.Very affectionate and loving to my partner as i am a perfectionist by nature and give each person their space and time as needed.Believe in having a partner that supports my vision and goals as i value theirs and only want to meet someone who is positive and believe in themselves.  I have seen the entire world in 16 years and accepts each person for who they are.I enjoy exercising ,going to the beach and love music and dancing to all kinds of music except loud rock and roll or techno.I am interested in someone sincere and honest that has a job,and not afraid to be themselves.I am passionate about someone who never regret their past and move on to a positive future and share companionship striving for both person to be happy rather than take away happiness from another person.
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