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I would like to meet a kind and sincere man to share my life with, to support each other

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London, United Kingdom

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Age: 43


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 My character is very easy to learn. I am not simple, but not hard in a relationship. I like to listen, as it is very important to me, trying to understand the person, to put myself in his place. I am open, but I would never hurt someone's feelings. I am sure I am honest and reliable. I like to make my house cozy, living alone is the moment to become a better me. I know that soon I will invite my man to my house and he will share the cozy atmosphere with me he would like what I cook for him, the music I like to listen to and the secret things I would like to share. Relations for me is like music. You can be too tired can be in desire but when you listen to the sounds you like you change, you feel your heart starts beating stronger and you want to start something new and big. That is how I feel now. I want all this happen in my life to listen to this music inside of me, and never stop.
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